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Oryad is a progressive doom opera project hailing from the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges of the United States. The dreamchild of soprano and pianist Moira Murphy, this metal ensemble weaves together the multiple influences of classical music, doom, prog, symphonic metal, jazz, and alternative.

Moira Murphy’s international solo operatic and stage direction experience leads Oryad’s unique vision. Joining her is Matt Gotlin-Sheehan on drums, who brings experience as a touring metal drummer, jazz musician, and collaborator.

The June 2021 release of their debut EP, “Hymns of Exile & Decay,” was well-received across independent press in Europe and in performance in Denver’s favorite independent venues like HQ (formerly 3 Kings), The Roxy Theatre, and Seventh Circle Music Collective.

The May 2023 release of the full-length album “Sacred & Profane” marks a departure from the traditional symphonic metal format upon which the project was originally formed. The ten tracks of the debut album represent multiple genres and influences and was released in partnership with SAOL, CMM-GmbH on worldwide streaming services and in CD format.

“Sacred & Profane” received critical acclaim across the globe for its depth, emotion, and unique blend of genre influences. CD and download sales have come from all over the world, with particular attention from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. The September/October 2023 Mini Tour with A Vintage Future and Fell Harvest brought The Ritual to the masses in Colorado and New Mexico

The ensemble has focused heavily on songwriting and video creation and released a live studio concert in June 2022 in addition to visual assets to accompany the entire EP. They will continue this tradition with the release of material from “Sacred & Profane.”

With songs exploring grief, metaphysics, and the machinations of nature, Oryad is inspired by Greek and Norse mythology; the writings of Jung, Campbell, Eliade, and Camus; the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Stephen Crane, and Charles Baudelaire; and Moira’s Appalachian heritage.


Moira Murphy
East Tennessee
Vocals, Piano/Synth, Orchestration, Lyricist/Songwriter

Matt Gotlin-Sheehan
Denver, Colorado
Drums, Songwriter




Debut Full-Length Album | May 25, 2023


Blood May 25 2023
Eve April 13, 2023
Scorched Earth February 23, 2023



Debut EP | June 25, 2021


Doxology November 13, 2020 • Hymn Of The End January 15, 2021 • Inflammatus April 2, 2021

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Aardschok (in print)

“Bandleader and vocalist Moira Murphy has a range that starts from the vomiting vocals of a Nina Hagen through the dramatic, narrative vocals of Heidi Parviainen, for example, to immensely powerful opera vocals.”

Top 5 Albums of May 2023 + Review
Power Metal Ranger

“It’s a privilege to be able to listen to an album like this because of the experience it creates…It’s a phenomenal piece, and to think that this is their debut full-length album! Absolutely remarkable!” “killer musicianship…it’s epic, it’s melancholic…it’s beautiful…”


“…the melodic-atmospheric music of ORYAD cannot only be defined by the powerful vocal performance. Rather, various cogs mesh, which round off the overall package into an unusual, versatilely inspired listening experience.” “There are no fillers or even rivets: every composition has been carefully polished with great attention to detail and complex emotionality.”

Metal Zenith

“The voice weaves in and out of the music, peaking at just the right moment, only to plummet while the rhythm soars and the guitars fill the air with delicate brutality.”


Metal Temple

“For an independent band, they are actually quite polished, and all of the rich, full tones are carefully thought out in terms of placement, and create a synergy in the end that is catchy, and pleasing. Will someone please sign this band?”

Rock Tribune Belgium (in print)

“for music lovers with very broad tastes…There is [sic] a dose of classical music with mostly piano work like in the intro of “Scorched Earth. Blastbeats are not shunned either, like in ‘Eve’. Alchemy’ is again influenced by jazz. Despite all these variations, the album remains a reasonably coherent whole.”


“The vocal power of the singer is almost unbelievable. The following comparison might border on insult to majesty: Had this woman been placed at Freddie Mercury’s side instead of Montserrat Caballé when he intoned ‘Barcelona’ with the opera diva, the result would probably have been just as good.”

Saiten Kult

“…ORYAD on the other hand, of course, add a big shot of darkness to their existing operatic quality. The guitars often have a doomy touch, are menacing and edgy.”

Smorg Magazine

“Everything is note perfect. Everything sounds so beautiful, every time change is wonderfully thought out, the atmosphere is spot on…I could fawn over this album all day (and most nights as well).”

Via Nocturna

“Elegant, atmospheric and powerful, Sacred & Profane is an album of intense mystical depth that is urgent to discover.”

Zware Metalen

“Sacred & Profane is an album that will not only capture the hearts of metal lovers, but also those looking for musical talent that extends beyond the horizons of a single genre.”

Metalside Poland

“The choruses of “Eve” and “Blood” are crushing with Moira Murphy’s high vocals , and in “Slice of Time” she pushes so hard that your hair stands on end.”

Metal Epidemic

“The big hitters in the Metal genres whose borders Oryad have now crossed with Sacred and Profane need to take more than a cautious look over their shoulders, as there is a new player in town who is determined to raise the bar and leave them firmly in her wake!”

Brutally Delicious Review
by Dark Macek

“It’s rare that a metal band makes you feel something other than anger or excitement or joy. This one is much more subtle, much more haunting. I don’t really have another artist to compare them to in how they make you feel, and that’s tremendous. They’ve stumbled onto something new.”

Metal Divisions

“…the music comes out of the speakers fresh and unspent, virtuoso riffs and a pithy, distinctive voice, which is bursting with charisma.” “songs that exhale with technical class and dynamic, melodic, incredible ease…ORYAD present on “Sacred & Profane” soulful and intelligent songs that go very deep under the skin.”

Female Fronted Power

“Moira Murphy’s classically trained voice is exquisite and she has achieved something that not many singers have done for me in recent years: she made me listen with anticipation and gave me goosebumps. I would go so far as to say that she has one of the best soprano voices in modern metal.”

Metal Observer

“The sheer class and confidence with which Oryad navigate the myriad of influences and styles showcased on Sacred & Profane are astonishing, particularly for a new band.”

The Coroner's Report

“The vocals cannot be overstated enough, yet they are also so musically inspired that each track is a surprise yet coherent and thematic able to conjure dreams and moments of brilliance. A celebration of hope, love, and creation.”

Metal Factory Switzerland

“‘Sacred & Profane’ works like a synthesis of the arts: while listening, images of landscapes arise in the mind. Above it now and then a thunderstorm comes up or the sun gives comforting warmth in the next moment. If you like very well done Symphonic Metal, you can’t go wrong with this CD.”

Rock'n Force

“ORYAD have total mastery of their playing, which is based on great technical skill and progressive harmonies, without lapsing into pomposity. The Americans are incredibly fresh, propelling us from one mood to another as if by magic.”

Release of the Week
Ethereal Symphonies

“The power of the music is further heightened by the symphonic instrumentation and the virtuoso vocals of Moira Murphy, which is reflected in beautiful vocal performances, endowed with an accentuated dramatism.”

New Metal Media

“A progressive opera, I agree. Each act contains something surprising, frightening or passionate. This is reflected in particular in the music videos already mentioned above, oh what am I saying, musical films are more accurate.”


“…we also fall for the frequent changes in tempo and rhythm that bass and drums impose. Luca’s guitar work is also absolutely top notch and knows how to charm us time and time again.”

Snaggletooth Podcast
Album Review

“Moira’s grandiose vocals ignite her dark poetry with beauty and distinction… Oryad is one of the most grandiose metal bands in recent memory…”

Release Highlight
Week 21, 2023
The Progspace

“interesting, diverse songwriting, excellent orchestral arrangements and a captivating, demanding vocal performance by Moira Murphy”

Top 10 Albums
May 2023
Heavy Debriefings

“The debut album from this Denver duo caught me completely by surprise and I love every second of it…Progressive symphonic doom with operatic stylings and quirky avant-garde moments to keep you on your toes at the right moments.”

Metal Roos

“Oryad’s music is as undefinable as it is immediate, visceral, and incredibly emotional. This is pure artistic freedom that is not bound by genres or pre-conceived notions. Led by the simply incredibly soprano vocals of Moira Murphy, Sacred and Profane is able to nimbly touch upon many varied styles all in celebration of the ritual.”

Harbinger of DOOM

“wonderfully diverse…Oryad has concocted a splendid collection of songs”

Darker Side of Music

“I am absolutely enthralled by “Eve”, the new single off Oryad’s upcoming album “Sacred and Profane”! Not only is the accompanying video a sight to behold, but the music itself is truly something special.”

Rock The Joint Magazine

“…it is so diverse, so many shades, and such diversity in the tracks that you can’t just box it.”


“the front woman can bring a lot and stands out from the many epigones.”

Rock Hard Italy (in print)

“it is not possible to place this album within the symphonic strand because the various pieces are constructed using very different colors. None of this in any way reduces assimilability due to the magnetic abilities of this visceral and emotional album.”


“there are surprises and elements which simply make you enjoy Oryad…an amazingly written album.”

Toilet Ov Hell

“the lyrics on this album, many of which come from her own poetry, do an excellent job of painting a mental picture of taking part in some kind of mysterious, mystical ritual in the woods. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what symphonic doom was invented for.”

Heavy Music HQ

“…a very enjoyable album broad in scope and well executed.”

The Median Man

“…turns through the majestic spheres of time, creeping and twisting, turning toward the growing scope of the wind.”



The Michael Spiggos Show

Snaggletooth Podcast

Enjoy this in-depth and long-ranging talk between Mark and Stace of the Snaggletooth Podcast and Matt and Moira about live performances, songwriting approaches, and possible studio disasters.

The Brutally Delicious Podcast

Belgian Jasper Interview

Enjoy this talk between Moira and Belgian Jasper about Oryad’s songwriting process, our influences, and the journey from recital hall to metal club.

Metal Zenith

An interview with Moira about her view on songwriting and genre blending. Plus, which bands she's dying to play with.

Female Fronted Power

An extensive chat with creatress and soprano Moira Murphy about the concept behind the music, nature and literature as ever-present sources of inspiration and her challenges as a singer.

Rock The Joint Magazine

"...we hope to do justice to one of music’s newest and most visually expressive vocalists. The song videos we include at the end give some indication of what this band is about, but hearing the album is a bit of a must. They are intensely visual, pagan, and have elements of visual horror."

Rock On The Rise Interview

'Darkness and light can manifest in different ways'

"Most of my lyrics deal with universal topics through the lens of mythological figures or nature, so to me, it was a new way of designating the intersections of The Sacred and The Profane in life and exploring, in particular, the power of the feminine part of the soul "

''Music forms the backbone of spiritual experience"

Oryad is band that defies normal convention. From soaring operatic harmonies and excellent heavy passages that transcend the boundaries of metal, classical and gothic. It begins with the ancient ritual

From The Iceberg Radio Interview

Zwischen Metal und Mythologie

"Sacred and profane! It is this unique and unrepeatable mix that takes place in Sacred & Profane, the debut album by the American collective, Oryad."

Ranger Talk Interview

Enjoy this in-depth and long-ranging talk between Moira and The Power Metal Ranger- from musical influences, to background and education, to the genesis of the Oryad project.

Ten Questions, Ten Minutes
with John Tucker

What kind of film would Oryad music be the soundtrack for?

«...tratar de encontrar la santidad en una vida profana ligada a la tierra»

Find out who Moira's favorite singers are! Plus a chat about sacred spaces, philosophy, and the wonderful musicians who made "Sacred & Profane" possible.

Zwischen Metal und Mythologie

"Americans Oryad are now releasing their first full-length CD "Sacred & Profane". The interesting mix of hard guitar riffs, some symphonic and jazzy elements and above all the vocals of Moira Murphy, a trained opera singer, are reason enough to take a closer look at the band."

Artistic Authenticity

"We reached out to vocalist/keyboardist Moira Murphy and drummer Matt Gotlin-Sheehan to delve deeper into their musical upbringings that soon took them into heavier pastures..."




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