Hymns Of Exile & Decay CD


If you love The Ritual, you’ll love playing this CD during the full moon. Individual CDs will be sent via our supplier’s facility.

Signed CDs will be sent from The Temple and come with some extra goodies- higher shipping applies for international orders.

Our debut EP, “Hymns Of Exile & Decay” contains six tracks for your listening pleasure:

  • Inflammatus
  • Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair
  • Immersion
  • Doxology
  • Sacrifice
  • Hymn Of The End

All profits on merch go to support recording costs and membership fees to all rights and royalties organizations. <3

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Vocals/Keys: Moira Murphy
Guitars: Luca Grieman
Bass: Adam Sanders
Drums: Matt Gotlin-Sheehan
Mixing/Mastering: Vikram Shankar, Black Bear Audio
Recorded: The Band Cave Studios Denver, Collin Ingram

Artwork: Mallory Hart Art
Photography: Tallis Loy and Annaleisa Friednash


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